Emma Watson confessed her preference for “kink” sex: what is it and what does this erotic practice consist of?

Emma Watson is one of the most influential actresses in Hollywood; remembered for her role in ‘Harry Potter’, she confessed to being a fan of this erotic practice.

Emma Watson’s name has resounded again in the media spectrum due to some revelations about her sex life. The British actress, who has declared herself an outspoken advocate of gender equality and female empowerment, confessed that she is fascinated by the kink culture.

Speaking to ”Teen Vogue” magazine, she said, “I’ve become a bit fascinated by the ‘kink’ culture because they are the best communicators. They know everything about consent.

For the star of the most recent version of ‘Beauty and the Beast’, “relationships that don’t necessarily follow traditional models require more communication and consent”. In that line, for her it is essential to delegate tasks, work and responsibilities.
What is kink sex?

Kink sex can be defined as unconventional sexual behavior or taste. In this practice, people are totally free of prejudices, which allows them to make their sexual fantasies come true, experience new sensations and break with traditional methods. Sex is daring, spontaneous and, for some, perverted.

In the words of gynecologist and sexologist Bárbara García, for the newspaper ‘El Clarín’, anything that “falls outside the limits of the traditional” can be considered a kinky sexual act.

Kink culture includes a wide variety of tastes, preferences and practices, among them sadomasochism, submission, role playing, non-genital pleasure maps, bondage and the use of different accessories with eccentric textures, colors and vibrations.

Perhaps the most important element of this type of sex is the sexual fantasy, since fulfilling it becomes one of the main objectives of the act. But there is also the intense foreplay, which contributes to give life, fun and novelty to the practice. The more the couple experiences, the more likely they are to develop a pleasurable experience.

Although eroticism, fantasy and intense play are indispensable elements when carrying out a kinky practice, they are not the only essential elements. To the list is added communication, which stands as one of the main ways to achieve sexual satisfaction.

As Emma Watson explained in her interview with ‘Vogue’, for unconventional sex to work, it is necessary to establish responsibilities, roles and limits. This way, the act not only becomes more fun, but also safer and more satisfying.

“What it seems to come down to, is not how many whips and chains are involved, but how openly you’re willing to talk about the sex you’re having in the most blatant terms,” sociologist and kinkster Julie Fennell explains to ‘National Public Radio’.

In kink sex, consent is much more than just giving a yes and no, there has to be a mutual dialogue. This conversation is in pursuit of a common goal: pleasure between both parties. Experts recommend having open and frank discussions on the subject without leaving out the naughtiness and fun.

When dialogue is incorporated before, during and after the erotic encounter, it can bring many benefits. Sexual confidence and intimacy are just a few of them.

These variables are registered in our brain in a reward circuit. When remembering kinky practice surely people could get aroused even without touching their body. This is because the experience was recorded in the emotional memory, which we can evoke and bring back to the present moment, to get aroused again.

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